letzter eintrag

Liebe (noch verbliebene) Leser,

seit zwei Wochen bin ich wieder in der schönen Heimat und langsam hab ich mich auch wieder eingelebt. Gleich nach meiner Rückkehr musste ich ja für eine Woche nach Schielleiten zum Karate Instruktoren-Kurs. Das war zwar sehr lustig, hat aber nicht unbedingt dazu beigetragen, dass ich mich zuhause wieder „eingewöhnen“ konnte. Musste ich aber irgendwie auch gar nicht. Drei Monate sind einfach nicht lang genug, als dass ich irgendwas hätte „vergessen“ können.

Was ist nun mein Fazit nach drei Monaten am anderen Ende der Welt? Erst einmal, dass es dort gar nicht so anders ist, als bei uns. Auch dort gibt es nette Menschen. Auch dort gibt es schöne Landschaften. Trotzdem ist und war es nie „zuhause“. Eh klar. Zuhause ist Familie, grüne Wiesen, schwarzes Kürbiskernöl, Leitungswasser, das man trinken kann und Berge, die höher sind als 100 Meter. Steiermark halt. Aber darauf kann man schon mal drei Monate lang verzichten. Überhaupt sind drei Monate rückblickend betrachtet gar nicht so lang. Ich hätte es noch ein, zwei Monate ausgehalten, im Land der Kängurus und Koalas. Aber dann hätte ich Karate vermutlich ganz verlernt.

Was werde ich vermissen? Auf jeden Fall meine Wohnungskollegen. Und TimTams. In dieser Reihenfolge. Immerhin kann man mit TimTams nicht einen netten Abend auf der Couch vor dem Fernseher verbringen. Hm, Moment einmal… kann man doch! Vielleicht also doch TimTams an erster Stelle. 😉 (jk)

Was ich ebenfalls vermisse, was mir erst nach und nach auffällt, ist mir selbst einteilen zu können was ich einkaufe, was ich koche, wann ich aufräume, usw. Es war ganz nett, für sich selbst verantwortlich zu sein. Zuhause füllt sich der Kühlschrank ja nach wie vor „von allein“. Wird aber auch nicht ewig so gehen.

Wie wird es mit meiner Master-Arbeit weiter gehen? Eigentlich genauso wie bisher. Arbeiten. ^^ Nur, dass ich eben kein so schönes Büro in Gehweite mehr zur Verfügung habe.

Würde ich sagen, der Auslandsaufenthalt war die schönste Zeit in meinem Leben? Nicht unbedingt. Es gab viele schöne Zeiten in meinem Leben. Es gab auch nicht so schöne. Australien gehört definitiv nicht zu letzterem. Generell kann ich jedem empfehlen, einmal eine längere Zeit im Ausland zu verbringen. Eventuell in einem Land, in dem man die Sprache noch nicht so gut beherrscht. Das kann dann schon ein Abenteuer werden, könnte ich mir vorstellen. Bei mir klappte die Verständigung auf Englisch zum Glück so gut, dass ich mich rückblickend gar nicht mehr daran erinnern kann, eine andere Sprache gesprochen zu haben. Was aber sicherlich auch den weltoffenen Menschen am und rund um den Campus zu verdanken war.

Was bleibt zu sagen? Ich hab’s gesehen, ihr habt’s gelesen und falls ihr’s selber einmal sehen wollt, müsst ihr wohl oder übel selber einmal nach Australien fahren. 😉 Oder wir plaudern gemütlich bei einem Kaffee darüber. Denn natürlich gibt es einige Anekdoten, die man nicht in so einen Blog schreiben kann. Ich würde mich freuen! Obwohl ich ja eigentlich gar keinen Kaffee trinke…


PS: Besucht, wenn ihr Lust habt, auch meinen neusten Blog: https://lisaindenusa.wordpress.com/.

Dear (still remaining) readers,

It’s been two weeks since I arrived back in Austria and slowly I’m settling back in. Immediately after my return, I had to spend a week in Schielleiten to complete my karate instructor’s course. Although I had a lot of fun that week, it has not necessarily helped me to „acclimate“ myself at home again. But somehow this was not even necessary. I think, three months is not long enough to “forget” how it is at home.

So, what is my conclusion after three months at the other end of the world? First of all, that things are not so different from Austria there. There are nice people there, too. There are beautiful landscapes there, too. Despite this, Australia was never „home“. Evidently. Home is family, green meadows, black pumpkin seed oil, tap water that you can drink and mountains that are higher than 100 meters. Simply Styria. But you can do without all these things for three months. Looking back three months don’t seem all that long. One or two additional months in the land of kangaroos and koalas would have been fine with me. 🙂 But then I would have probably forgotten completely how to do proper kumite…

What will I miss? In any case, my flatmates. And TimTams. In this order. After all, you cannot spend a nice evening on the couch watching TV with TimTams. Hm, wait a minute … you can! So maybe TimTams come in the first place after all. 😉 *jk*

What I also miss (and I only realize that now) is being able to decide for myself what I buy, what I cook, when I clean up, and so on. It was nice to be responsible for myself. At home the fridge still fills itself up „on its own“. But of course this will not be the case forever.

How do I plan to go on with my master’s thesis? Honestly, the same way as before. Implement, evaluate, write. Work. ^^ It’s just that I don’t have a nice office within walking distance any more.

Would I say the stay abroad was the best time in my life? Not necessarily. I had many good times in my life. And I had times, which were not so good. Australia definitely doesn’t belong to the latter category. Generally, I would recommend it to everyone to spend a longer time abroad. Maybe in a country where you don’t know the language so well. I could imagine, this would be quite an adventure. For me, communicating in English luckily worked so well that in retrospect I cannot remember ever having spoken a different language. But that’s certainly due to the cosmopolitan people on and around the campus.

What’s left to say? I’ve seen it, you’ve read it and if you want to see it for yourself, you have to go to Australia yourself one time. 😉 Or we have a chat about it over a cup of coffee. Because of course there are some anecdotes that I couldn’t write in a public blog like this. It would be my pleasure! Even though I usually don’t drink coffee…


PS: If you like you can also visit my newest blog: https://lisaindenusa.wordpress.com/.


back @ changi airport

Dear all,

There I am, after over 36 hours of goodbye-parties, washing, cleaning, and packing (but hardly an hour of sleep altogether) back at the Changi Airport in Singapore again. From here it’s only two more flights until I see my family and friends again. 🙂

The flight so far has been quite uneventful. There has been a bit of trouble at the airport in Perth with my passport again. Somehow the chip must be defect because their scanning devices couldn’t read it (I already had troubles with this at the outbound flight). :-/ But I’m thinking of getting a new passport for my travel to the USA anyway, so this should fix the matter.

Oh yeah, and I had a full body scan at the airport in Perth. I must look very suspicious with my new Curtin Sweater. 😉

Afterwards, on the plane, I caught a few minutes of sleep. To be honest, I immediately fell into some kind of coma as soon as I sat down on my seat. Must have been a coma because apparently the stewardess had to shove me out of the way several times to get past my seat with her trolley. I didn’t notice a thing and even slept through the start (which normally never happens since I love the start). But as soon as the meal was served I was up and awake again. 🙂

I think I will get a coffee or something like this now because I plan to learn for the Instruktor exam on the flight to Munich. We will see how well that goes… ^^

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you soon!


PS: Sometime during the next few days I will write a short résumé about my stay in Perth. This will be the last entry on this blog 🙂

master’s thesis – presentation

Just a quick update: Everything went well today. They seemed to like my presentation and apparently everybody was able to follow my English. They even asked me if I wanted to do my PhD here at Curtin. That’s good, I guess. 🙂 But first I have to finish my Master’s Thesis. I told them that this is gonna take at least a few more months. They couldn’t believe it. A Master’s Thesis here is not such a big thing as it is in Austria. Maybe that’s why they were satisfied with my work. 😉

See you soon!

last trip to perth

Yesterday, I made one last trip to the city, taking a few final pictures of Perth and visiting the Western Australian Museum, which has a dinosaur exhibition going at the moment. It was pretty impressive, but was kind of spoiled by all the little children crying in fear of the huge dinosaur replicas which moved a little and had scary sound effects. Parents, there is a reason why the sign in front of the exhibition hall says „not suitable for children under 6 years“. -.-

I made my way back pretty early, shortly after midday, because it started to pour around that time. Austrian April weather has finally arrived in Australia it seems.

Back home I worked on my presentation for Monday and studied a little for my Instruktor exam. I then watched the soccer match Germany – Ghana with my flatmate Jinil. We couldn’t decide on how to call the players of Ghana (Google spits out different opinions on that matter) and finally settled for „Ghananas“.

Today, I caught a short sunny window for my (very likely) last run around the campus. I will now use the remaining Sunday to further prepare for my presentation tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Regards from a Lisa slowly feeling the atmosphere of departure

last karate training

A few days ago (or so it seems to me) I wrote about my first karate training here in Perth. Now I write about my last one. What changed in the last few weeks? Well, you get to know (and like) the people better, you get used to their methods of training and – yes, slowly but steadily – you get used to the strange ways of how they do the techniques.

Today was a very good training. I was at the club at UWA, the one that is farther away, where I can go only with the help of Richard who never got tired (well maybe, but at least he didn’t tell me ^^) of picking me up at least once a week over the past few months. Their sensei was back from his holiday today. He is 78 and a very cool guy. I only saw him once before at my very first training there and, well, today. He didn’t like my yoko geri. I got a special session on this one (which I will surely feel tomorrow in my legs). He liked my kumite. I got to hold a special session on this for yellow and orange belts. That’s how it can go.

In any case, we made a group photo after the training and Richard (among others) got his next, colourful belt. I have a few more photos of how the dojo of the UWA karate club looks like. I can show you those and many others when I come home next week! See you then!!

the curse of the drinking classes

This week was so uneventful, as a week can be. I went to the office every day (as usually) and worked until 9:00pm or so most days (not as usually), since there is still so much I want to finish before my presentation on June, 23. That’s also the reason I made it to karate training only once (Tuesday) + a short run on Saturday. Not a very sporting week.

Today, I did my fortnightly washing and tried to study a little for the „Instruktor“ exam which awaits me when I come back. But unfortunately my stomach makes troubles again so I slept a good part of the day and didn’t get much into my head. :-/

Tomorrow, it’s cleaning day again, since flat inspections are scheduled (again) for Tuesday. I will have to do the part of my bathroom-mate, Rachel (again), since she is on vacation. But that’s nothing compared with what awaits me on the day before my departure – I will have to clean the _whole flat_ before I leave, even though my flatmates won’t be leaving with me but will be staying (and undoubtedly make a mess of the flat again as soon as my last footsteps on campus fade away in the distance). But there is no arguing with the house assistants here (and Australians in general). Rules are rules.

I hope I will be able to finish everything for my big presentation in time, so that I will be able to visit Perth city one more time before I leave (on Wednesday, June 25). Maybe a trip to the Western Australian Museum on Saturday? We will see!

See you (very soon)!

PS: Admire some art from my flatmate Brent in the picture at the top.